Edit perspective in Omnifocus 4 on iPad

I’m trying to find how to open a view where I can see the rules for a custom perspective on the iPad version and potentially edit them, but nothing seems to work.

What am I missing?

Long press a perspective and than select Change. Or are you referring to something else?

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Tap the eye symbol, then there’s an entry to edit the rules.

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No, this doesn’t work, there’s no option to change and “Edit” does nothing

I was trying this, but I’ve just worked out that it only works if you have the 3 pane view shown (one of those panes being the sidebar)

You have probably already checked, but do you have Pro? From the Omnigroup website I see that Pro is required to make custom perspectives.

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Great Shout, I do.

It’s working and I’ve sent an email to support suggesting it’s a bug that it needs all 3 panes open to amend perspectives.

I just tried. I can edit the rules via the eye symbol even when the sidebar is hidden.