Edit Tag Name on OF3 iPhone?

I know I’m going to feel dumb here as soon as someone responds, but I cannot see how to change the tag name on OF3 iPhone.

I have tried sliding (right = delete, left is null), force touch, Edit … nothing seems to work. I know it’s got to be simple and I’m just missing it.


Go into your built in Tags perspective, click the tag, then click in the name of the tag & the cursor will appear & you can edit it.

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Not working. I am going into the tag perspective, clicking a tag which opens it. I then click the tag name up at the top of the phone in the header area between the view eye and “Edit”. Nothing happens.

Never mind, thanks. I figured it out … I needed to click through one more layer. I was doing it to a parent tag, and that was what was confusing me. I had to drop down and click the parent once more. Doh!