Editing Link Title in Notes Often Fails

EDIT: I think I found a solution - post is later in thread, here.

My post is related to this locked post, which appears to be discussing a persistent bug.

I’m trying to set up perspective reminders in OF3, so that I can click a link in the notes section of the action and open the appropriate perspective, even if it isn’t in the sidebar.

I prefer to have a title on the link, like OPEN INBOX, rather than omnifocus:///perspective/Inbox.

When I right-click on the link and select Edit Link… and change the title, sometimes it works and some times it doesn’t. Unlike the poster the in locked thread, doing it repeatedly doesn’t help. I tried rebooting OF3 and that has worked, until it didn’t.

Is there some markdown or other syntax that would allow me to craft the link and the title and then paste it in so OF3 is forced to make the proper link?

Any other suggested workarounds?


I resolved this by making sure I delete the link and the lines above below the link then leave the task and return to it then rewrite the link. Otherwise a residue of the old hyperlink may corrupt the new one.

I could just be being superstitious but it seems to work.

I earlier had the same problem with external links. The Omni Group support told me that this was a known bug and instructed me to press command-S to trigger a manual sync before I changed the title. As I don’t sync my database, I found out that simply pressing return after pasting the link, to enter the post in the OF database, had the same effect for me. After that, I choose Edit Link to type the title, and that always works correctly.

I had that problem, too. I have made it a routine to press space after every link I paste into the notes field, to separate the link from any possible future link below it. It shouldn’t really be needed, but I have accepted the procedure and it works fine.

EDIT: I think I have a workaround:

After pasting the link in the notes file, close and reopen the notes field using Cmd-Opt-’

Sequence like this:

Copy as link
Open notes
Close notes
Open note
Edit note (Cmd-’)
Select All
Type title
Close notes
Open notes

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