Editing tasks with keyboard shortcuts


I’m returning to OF after many years and what can I say, it feels like home. :)

I think it may have been mentioned before. From other apps, I miss the ability to edit anything about a task/project or group of multiple selected by keyboard. With one task, cmd-return and then tabbing is not bad though perhaps slower than some dedicated shortcut, plus that seems not possible for multiple tasks. Has any thought or discussed how such a feature might look? Some apps have separate shortcuts to apply dates, project, tags, etc. That could be one approach but perhaps there is something simpler. Much like quick open, a great feature btw that I love and am used to in various apps like Alfred, Ulysses, etc., perhaps one editing field or some dialog has many or all features of the inspector panel but simplified in some way. A bit like quick open, perhaps it might work if one could freely type dates, tags, projects, etc, have them auto complete and apply, perhaps with shift or cmd-return removing an item such as a tag. Overall, some way to combine all possible edits through some dialog brought up by a shortcut seems possible and could be quite more elegant than how it’s done in any other app. To quick apply a tag or do some other edit, I find that bringing up the inspector is a bit disruptive as I’m working in the app and moving around.

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