Editing the completion timestamp

After completing a task, and in the case when the task was actually completed on a previous day, can the timestamp be edited to set the correct completion date and time? This is needed to be able to properly track and report when tasks were actually completed.

Thanks in advance.

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Not available in the iOS edition. It is available only in the Mac edition. If you e-mail omnifocus@omnigroup.com, you can send in a vote for this feature request.

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I’ve never understood why this feature is missing on iOS. I hope more people request it be added.


Is there any way to find out if version 3 for iOS will have this feature?

I have looked and it isn’t there yet.

I have sent in an email to vote for this.

Eventually, the idea is that the iOS version will achieve feature parity with the Mac version. It takes time but they’ll get there,

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Just listened to the Omni Show podcast. Their flexible editor options that they’ve been building on will eventually allow the option to edit the completion date. The Omni Ninjas are aware of this issue.