Effort vs Expected Effort Estimate

I would like to include in one column (the expected effort estimate) the effort (number of hours per deliverable) we have quoted to the Client, and in the other column (effort) the actual number of hours we spent working on the deliverable, and then ultimately have the tool calculate the variance in effort from expected to actual. With there being no ‘effort variance’ column, and the effort & expected effort estimate columns being apparently one and the same(? - as when I alter a figure in one, the other changes to reflect this) is there a better way for me to achieve the result I’m looking for with the tool?
Please let me know.

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@AndonGroup OmniPlan currently considers the “Effort” field to be the actual effort to complete at task. We do however have an open feature request for a dedicated interface for recording the actual effort and completion dates of tasks for simpler historical record keeping - I’ll attach you post to it!

Are you currently working with baselines in your project? This may help you visualize the difference between the original effort value and the updated value.