Email Client for the Mac that supports both OF & Evernote integration

As long as it’s not AirMail. I absolutely love the app but often crashes on my iPhone, even things like sending half written drafts, all the time. Reviews for it seem half and half so I will not pay for that until it improves it’s stability.

Absolutely any ideas for application that have these TWO apps integrated into the email client, OMNIFOCUS and Evernote. i.e., so I can send directly to the apps without emailing them, so I am able to add direct into a project or direct into a specific evernote notebook.

mailmate simply the best most powerful mail client there is for a Mac. It has bundled scripts for integration with OF Evernote Devonthink and many more, and it supports markdown. Only “issue” it is not pretty.

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Maybe Postbox. I recall it interacted with Omnifocus and Evernote, just don’t recall the details.

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Apple Mail, with Mail-Act-On plugin, and a bit of AppleScript.

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THANKS bro will check out the ‘prettiness’ :-)

completely new to Apple script, is it secure? and how would I find out how to set this up easily bro? any ideas? would be awesome to know if you get chance to let me know.

Regard, Dan

will check it out thanks

there are a lot of variations of AS to add mail to OF - here’s one: Script to send messages from Mail to OmniFocus

in terms of security, it all runs locally on your machine - the only points of network access would be reading the mail message (via Apple Mail) and syncing the OF task (if you’re doing so)…i.e. no additional vulnerability is added.

in MAO you’d create a rule that would run the script, and trigger it manually. I have it set up with a single hotkey and an addition to the script to tag the message inOmniFocus using MailTags (from the same dev as MAO)

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