Email Integration - Tags / Projects

I’m back to using Omnifocus from Todoist for now. One of the Great features in Todoist is their email integration. I can forward emails directly to my Todoist account and include tags for Project, tags, dates and etc. is the functionality available now in version 3


You can forward emails to OmniFocus, but OmniFocus 3 doesn’t currently provide a way to specify the project, tag, etc. I encourage you to email with this request. I agree that it would be very helpful.

In the meantime, Joe Buhlig created an AppleScript called Auto-Parser for OmniFocus 2. I haven’t tested it in OmniFocus 3. It may need a little tweaking.

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I would be interested in that “Auto-Parser” script, if you would not mind sharing it, when you finish testing it in OmniFocus 3.


Tim B.

Hi Tim,

You’ll find the Auto-Parser script here:

I haven’t had a chance to test it with OmniFocus 3 yet, so it may not work as expected.


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