Email Task into OmniFocus with tags and projects assigned

Hello! I currently have a 3rd party system my company uses email me notifications on certain task assignments. One of them is to review proposals which is clearly defined in the subject. I have a rule setup in Outlook to forward this to OmniFocus and also to move it to another folder in my outlook. Works great!

I am wondering is there a syntax to email it into OmniFocus and assign tags and a project in the email so that it is “auto clarified”. I am not sure if that can be done in OmniFocus via #'s or some other method?

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Not sure if project/tags are supported directly but maildrop gets it into OmniFocus OmniFocus Mail Drop - Support - The Omni Group

I do the mail drop already. Its more about including project and tags in the email to auto assign them.

It’s currently not possible via Mail Drop as far as I know. I think there was an external script a while ago although no idea if that works with current or future builds. to Joe Buihig’s scripts which are at OFScripts/Auto-Parser at master · joebuhlig/OFScripts · GitHub

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