Email workflow for Omni Focus on iPhone

Does anyone know of a mail app that enables two tap share to Omni Focus on iPhone? Mail seems to require that I email my mail drop email address, Spark (Readdle) requires tapping share from the email, “more”, then tapping OmniFocus (why can’t this be a default choice??), and I’m hesitant to pick up Dispatch as the recent reviews aren’t very positive. I’ve searched a lot online and think the iOS 11 drag and drop functionality in terms of dragging a message to Omni Focus is only for iPads? (For that matter, I can only seem to drag and drop in split screen on my iPad to an active project, or my inbox, and not to Contexts…is this accurate?)

I have several email accounts (two, one Exchange that will migrate to Office 365 Exchange soon - my work; and a few more miscellaneous email accounts - Exchange) that I use quite actively and am looking for a way to speed up my workflow. I don’t really care if the message is linked to Omni Focus so long as the full body of the message is in the note in a decent looking fashion. The forwarding of messages to Omni Focus really looks pretty bad a lot of the time.

Thanks for your help! :-)

I’m waiting for Spark to incorporate the same functionality in their MAC App into their IOS app. It’s pretty slick. One button click to send to Omnifocus. It looks could in Omnifocus and there is a link back to the original email in Spark

RE: Linking back to the original - I reached out to Spark via Twitter recently to ask if there is a timeline for this iOS functionality to be released (they responded saying no timeline at the moment). I think we should pile-on, the more they hear this request, the better the chances it gets higher in the list of development tasks.

OP - In Spark on iOS, go into settings (within the Spark app), edit your “swipes” and make sure More is checked off. Then to add a message to OF, just swipe, click more and choose OF. The full body will appear in the resulting task in OF.

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Checkout Airmail on iOS and macOS. A lot of integrations all within two taps/clicks.

I use Airmail and frequently add messages to OmniFocus. There’s a lot of cool automation stuff to be found with that app. When it adds something to OmniFocus, it includes a url back go that message within Airmail in addition to the email’s body of text.