Emails aplenty all of a sudden

All of a sudden I’m getting 10s of emails about things posted on the Omnifocus fora? One per reply. How do I turn these off and get a digest please?

Apologies for the onslaught of emails! The task runner for Discourse that queues and sends out email notifications had gotten stuck and stopped sending out notifications. As soon as it was unstuck, it started to send out its backed up queue. If you’ve had a lot of notifications recently that hadn’t been sent, that’s what you’re receiving now.

That aside, if you don’t want to receive any emails or only periodically about the forum, you can adjust your email settings by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner, going to “Profile”, clicking on the “Preferences” button, then adjusting your settings under the Email section.

I know I’m being dense here, but the frequency is set to daily and I’ve ticked to email me if I visit or not. But a I still got over 100 emails.

Is there a guide to follow?

Do you have Discourse set to email you for replies, mentions, and quotes?

It’s possible the number of emails you received could have been generated during the time our notification emails were down with that setting turned on.

for those subscribed to more than one list - One change that would be good is to indicate (via the list-id header or similar) what forum the post came from - that way you can use the filtering facilities (if they exist) in your email package to put them in the relevant folder rather than try and deal with one huge omni etc folder covering the software titles you have from the firm.


All I really want is the option to get a daily / weekly digest of all topics created or updated since the last email. Then I can come on and participate in those. Like the old forum. In classic GTD style, I just want to know what’s changed, what I want to read (by topic header) and discard the rest.

I do have discourse set to email me with quotes, posts or mentions, but I’m getting email notifications from topics I’ve read but not participated in.

It sounds like you might want to have your settings as below:

With these settings, you should only ever be emailed once a week with a digest of top posts on the forums, and you’ll never start tracking topics automatically (by default it’s 4 minutes) which will also prevent you from being automatically notified about topics you’ve only read.

Thanks, finally got back to this and have started going through it.

Have set these and will see what happens.