Embed an OmniFocus project in a wiki

I just wanted to mention an interesting use for the OmniFocus web capability. I use a dokuwiki wiki to organize my various projects, and I wanted a way to go from wikiland to OmniFocus land. When I found out about the Omnifocus for web test, I signed up immediately. It was very simple to copy the link from an OmniFocus for web project, and embed it in a wiki page related to that project. So I can have all my notes, resource links, links to related pages, and so on, and on the same page, the corresponding OmniFocus project available for editing and perusal. You can probably find fancier and slicker ways to use OmniFocus for web, but for me this has been quite handy so far.


Neat use case!

To clarify, do you mean an actual embed—like you can see the items on the page itself? I’d love a screenshot if you can make one happen at some point.

OK, here’s a trivial example.


Hmmm. And here I thought I didn’t need OF on the web…

Thanks much!

Ryan, Have you tried embedding OF web in Obsidian?

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Hey, Stan, that’s a good idea—but I have not tried it as I’ve stopped using OF. 😬

This does tempt me back, though… Do let us know if you do it!

What are you using now?