Emulating the Style Brush in iOS

First post - I have tried hard to find the answer elsewhere!..

For me, the Style Brush is a key tool on the desktop, and obviously is explicitly not implemented in the iOS app. It seems a crucial technique, so I am assuming people live without it because they have effective workarounds.

Could anyone share such a workaround?


Copy Style/Paste Style from the context menu, or use the Style inspector to apply a style on the current canvas to the current selection.

I’d love it if we were able to load object styles from templates/documents/stencils into the Style inspector and apply them across canvases on both platforms. If you have any feature requests, feel free to email us how you’d like to see this improved at omnigraffle-ios@omnigroup.com.


Thanks Lanette.

That works well for all attributes of the object. In this case I am trying to apply consistent fill, stroke, shadow etc. to a bunch of different shapes. I end up overwriting the shape itself. The only attributes that are preserved are size.

For simple shapes it is easy to reapply the shape. If you have manipulated the shape’s points then clearly that does not work.

With the desktop app, the Style Brush tool allows you to exclude attributes where you don’t want them overridden. For me, this is a powerful feature, and I would love to see it implemented in iOS!

Many thanks