Enhancements to the Forecast view calendar?

Maybe I"m missing something but how do I browse back and forth through months in Forecast view? I can view “past” and “future” but I keep expecting there’s be left/right arrow buttons that let me pick the specific month I’m looking at.

Shouldn’t we be able to browse the year in forecast view?


I submitted this as a feature request, but was curious what others think about it.

I was wondering why there is so much white space under the month overview:

And thus, I would really like to choose under “View” to maybe show two months instead only one. Anyone agrees or has someone a suggestion why it should rather stay that way?


I agree. I also think you should be able to browse back and forth through months like in the iOS calendar or Google Calendar. Posted about it here: Enhancements to the Forecast view calendar?

If confirmed you can’t actually browse in calendar in forecast view I’ll be emailing in a feature request as well.

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this is to request a floating forecast calendar in order to make it much easier to drag and drop tasks.


I’d prefer to have a calendar widget next to any date field. Then we just click on it to open up a mini-calendar and select a date from there. That’s what we already have in OF1 for Mac. I’m not much of a drag-and-drop kinda guy but to each their own.


I’m with You @wilsonng- the keyboard fanatics anyway enter numbers but the pointy-clicky type would benefit from the instant calendar option.

One possible solution is to open a new window and switch it to the Forecast tab. Then you can drag from the first window to the second.

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Hi all - I started a discussion on this topic under the ‘applying Omnifocus’ group as well. I personally would really like to see an option to pin the Forecast calendar in the sidebar so you can drag and drop tasks directly in there. Wouldn’t be mandatory, but an option. The Forecast calendar has the potential to be an amazing week planning tool - if you can see how many tasks are deferred or due across each day of the week, then its easier to decide whether a task should be done on Thursday instead of Wednesday if your Wednesday is full. You don’t get that kind of feedback when using the calendar popup widget. Would love to see the Forecast calendar used to its full potential.

I tested out KyleS’s solution - to open a second window and drop tasks in the Forecast calendar there. That works - good to know this is a solution. However, I work in fullscreen mode with OF2 99% of the time, and so this isn’t a particularly useful solution, its a workaround at best. Since the ability is there to drag tasks from anywhere and drop them in the Forecast calendar, then it shouldn’t be difficult to allow users to pin that calendar in other views as well, no?


Thank you all for participating in this topic

The two windows is the only way you can use right now, but with a small screen 13" it is no convenient.

therefore, I think floating or pinned as “Bowtree​00” suggested are the best possible solutions for this issue.

I think we really need to get the forecast calendar visible all the time in order to plan our week or month the best way.

This is a comment/request based on a forum discussion for the previous version of the OF2 test… It would be amazing to have option to keep the Forecast calendar pinned in the sidebar at the bottom along with other views – so that you can drag and drop items directly into the calendar.

  • drag and drop to add as DUE
  • shift drag and drop to add as DEFERRED

This would make it so much easier to ‘plan’ work - the first thing I do each week is to decide on what work I should plan for Monday, Tuesday, etc… so dragging and dropping tasks into days of the week (as deferred or due) would be a huge help.

If its not possible to ‘pin’ the Forecast calendar in other sidebar views, perhaps if you drag a task to the Forecast icon in the sidebar it will take you to the Forecast view where you can then drop it in? The first option would make for a much more streamlined workflow, but I’ll take the second option if that’s the only way it can be done.


This would be an awesome feature!

+1 - Excellent idea!

+1 that was something I was hoping to see when the original OF 2 preview was shown. Moving things around in forecast view would be great.

Side note to @jay6821, @mr_rique, and @ramsesthethird: the most important things you can do in situations like this is to:

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I think I can alternate UI tool is to just use these small calendar icons that we had before. Click on the mini calendar next to “Defer” or “Due” and it pops up a mini calendar.

2Do has this feature and it is a real game changer in terms of how quickly you can recover if you have fallen behind on maintaining your trusted system.

This feature would be really amazing.
I almost feel tempted to try 2Do if it really supports something like that.
Have been looking for a 2Do app that helps me schedule WHEN I’m going to work on the tasks that I already know I have to do at some point.

I’d love to do this in Omnifocus, and maybe even have a synced calendar that shows the tasks scheduled at specific times.

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I would love to be able to see the Forecast view along with Projects as a View option.


I completely agree Revearti. Very happy to see that the Forecast view in the latest build now lets you drag and drop tasks as ‘due’ or ‘deferred’, but it really is necessary to show BOTH the forecast calendar AND projects or contexts in the same view.

In fact, I think it would be most effective if the calendar was available in the side bar on ANY view, whether you are looking at projects, contexts, or perspectives. In order to be an effective planning tool you really need to be able to drop a task into the calendar from anywhere at any time - quick and easy. Then, to view what’s on the schedule for the day you should be able to click on a day (or days) in the sidebar calendar to quickly view the tasks that are due/deferred, and work from that list.