Ensuring stroke colours are web names in SVG export

I’ve just upgraded from OG 6 to OG 7 Pro because SVG export is no longer available without Pro. I then exported an existing document and found that the SVG output is different to that in OG 6.

In particular, in OG 6 the “stroke” field of any path, which specifies the colour, uses web names like “black”, “blue”, “red”, etc. Now in OG 7 Pro, “black” remains, but all the others have been converted to hex codes. I tried reselecting the colour of the paths in OG 7, from all the relevant pickers I could see, including “Classic Crayons”, but alas, cannot produce any web names except “black”.

It may seem like a trivial thing, but I just developed a big pipeline of code that reads the SVG file and uses the “stroke” values for identification (as well as colour). Suddenly SVG export disappeared and I upgraded to 7 Pro in a desperate effort to keep my pipeline intact, only to find the exports are different anyway.

If anyone knows a way to specify web names for the colour of lines, that survive the export to SVG, I’d love to keep the rest of my pipeline the same. Otherwise I’ll just have to deal with identifiers like “#10ED55” instead of “green”.

If this were to be implemented, that would give me a workaround. Still, I’d like to stick with “stroke” for the identifier.