Entering numbers

I feel like a complete idiot, but I can’t seem to enter numbers in a number column. It’s definitely set to number, and to summary/total, but I can’t enter a number for an individual line. I’ve looked at all the documentation for summaries, which is what I really want, and it’s pretty clear, but all the examples start with the numbers already entered (presumably because only an idiot would be unable to actually enter them), so no help there. Please explain.


Could it be that you are trying to enter a number in a summary cell of a parent row (rather than a leaf row) ?

Once you have selected a summary type, only leaf row cells of the summary column can hold user data.

(Parent rows, with children indented under them, are slightly grayed and hold calculated values, rather than user-supplied values, in their summary column cells)

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Yes, I think that’s exactly the problem. Thank you!!