Equipment only available on a certain date

I only have a digger available on a certain week. I have deleted all time blocks from the normal hours and set up custom work blocks on the available dates. When I level the project, anything with the digger resource is scheduled 254 months in the future.

In the digger resource view I have tried setting a start and end date but when I click on the start/end boxes nothing happens.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing the point of equipment resources?

I’ve worked out I didn’t have a start date for the project. Once I had that it started taking into account the dates.

However, now I have another problem. I have a number of tasks that require a digger and myself. The digger tasks can fit within the week I have the digger for. When I come to level the project it does a digger task on day one and then proceeds to continue with a number of dependant tasks that require me but not the digger.

Other tasks that need the digger aren’t started until after those dependant tasks are scheduled but this is then outside of the rental period of the digger.