Erase and reset all settings Omni Sync Server from iOS device

Hello amazing OmniPeople!

I am wondering how I can erase and reset (i.e. start from scratch) all my Omni Sync data from an iOS device. Apparently, there is a way to to do from a Mac, but I do not have a Mac, only an iPhone and iPad. I’ve gone completely iOS.

Is there a way to completely erase and reset my data on the Omni Sync server somehow using either iPhone or iPad?

Thanks :)

hey @jason_ellis, this support article covers resetting the OmniFocus database. Are you using OmniPresence to sync other files, such as OmniGraffle or OmniOutliner files?

Hi there! Thanks for your response. I will attempt this article. I want to start using OmniPresence, but I don’t have a Mac so I don’t think I can reset that aspect can I?

Hi @jason_ellis,

I’m not aware of a way to reset the contents of the OmniPresence folder without a Mac. Have you already been using OmniPresence on an iOS device? If so, you can move the documents out of the OmniPresence folder on the iOS device to the Local Documents section (or delete them) and they’ll be removed from the sync account as well.

You can also just sign-up for a new account here:

…and then just email us at to have us delete the old account.