Error code on iPhone after migrating new database

I am not sure if it has anything to do with migrating database to the new version but today while trying to clear some tasks I got an error popup on my iOS Omnifocus 2 Pro latest version as of 5 Aug 2016.

Error box was: Unable to execute SQL, unable to run SQL for statement BEGIN EXCLUSIVE

I have looked through the forums and seen this only applies to Macs in the past so do you know how this happened?

I swiped up and removed omnifocus and restarted it and still had the issue on any task I tried to complete. After leaving it for 5 minutes it was working again.

Is my database corrupted?
Will this be fixed in next release do I need to do anything?

Hey @master345! I’m really sorry about this error – it’s definitely not something that should be happening.

If you haven’t already, would you mind contacting our support team via email? We’re not really set up to troubleshoot here on the forums, and they can give you much more personalized help. Plus, every detail we can gather about how this error happened will help us find a fix for future releases!