Error: Unable to install update. Reason: Extract script failed

Update errors like this:

Error: Unable to install update
Reason: Extract script failed.

…for any of our Mac apps often mean that the app was able to successfully contact our server and download a compressed update file. But later in the install process we look in the Downloads folder but the compressed file is gone.

This is often caused by other apps that grab the file we downloaded, expand it, and then delete the compressed file before the update was finished. (Stuffit Expander, Folder Actions, Hazel, The Unarchiver, and Pathfinder are all apps we know of that can cause this problem, depending on how they’re configured.)

At least one customer has also reported that the update was able to succeed once they changed their settings in Intego NetBarrier. For some reason, their “banner blocker” was preventing our software updater from downloading the update file.

If those suggestions and/or retrying the update still doesn’t work you can always manually install the latest version after downloading it from our Downloads page.

(NOTE: This advice only applies to installations of our app that came from our website. If you purchased your app from the Mac App Store installing the copy from our website will not solve your problem.)