Escape key cancels - I don't get it.. why?

OK in the “modern mode” escape “cancels edit” which just deletes everything then selects the blank task… Can somebody explain the theory or usefulness behind this? It makes no sense to me. Why wouldn’t I just press ctrl+a and start typing again if I wanted that. It seems to cause more problems/confusion/annoyance than anything useful. I want to get behind it, I just don’t understand the decision behind it.

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Escape is in every software a ‘cancel what I’m doing, get me out of here’. That’s the meaning of the word escape.
Maybe your usecase (starting with a blank, new action) it doesn’t seem very logical, but if you are editing an existing action it works pretty well: start editing, realize you are accidentally deleting crucial parts of the description, hit escape, and tada, the original action-description is back.


I can relate to that problem. It just takes a while to apply the escape philosophy (which cognitively makes sense to me) to my 3 years of muscle memory in OF1 ;)…

Actually, while thinking about it, escape is not delete- so panicking out of the task to do something else does not necessarily imply that I don’t need all of the written text anymore. I would therefore reserve this feature for the delete button. Can’t think of a case where I would want to exit a task and delete all the written text automatically, in agreement with @brentw505

Yeah totally, I was just used to using escape like that on OF1.

But that makes sense @vloris, I suppose I never notice that in other apps! Looks like chrome does that too in your url bar (I was wondering how o do that sometimes!).

It feels odd though on new tasks… looks like Chrome though does that too.

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Classic Mode is there for that reason, if I’m not wrong. Really don’t see what’s the issue.
In any case, Omni guys are awesome and anyone can submit bugs and feature requests through Help > Contact Omni (in the app itself) :D

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