Essentials, Word outline export

It’s good that users trying the beta version of OmniOutliner 5 can toggle between Essentials and Pro. Do the export options reflect what is in the new versions, or is it just the interface that changes? My hope is that Essentials will include the ability to export to Word with the resulting Word doc maintaining the outliner hierarchy with Word’s own outline levels. (Also hoping that simple hoisting/focusing makes it into the Essentials version.)

The export options currently available in Essentials is what we’re planning to ship with. Focusing is not planned to be available.

I’m glad to hear the export options will likely be the same as in the current trial. I hope that focusing makes it in, but I understand that’s not the plan presently. Thanks for the reply.

@DerekM - thanks for clarifying about focus. I’ve been very happy with OO4 standard and use focus all the time. With the new pricing I’m happy to pay for Pro…and may even get into the scripting tricks!