Estimated release date for version 2.5?

Is there any estimate for when 2.5 will be released for the iPhone?

I’ve read several statements from the staff here in the forum that version 2.5 will bring the iPhone into parity with the iPad, with the ability to create perspectives and will also include a review mode, as well as other enhancements to bring both iOS versions much closer to the Mac version – the strategy appears to be as much parity as possible between the three. So the fact that 2.5 is coming and its rough feature list is no secret. Looking at past releases I am guessing we will see a 2.43 version in another month or so, followed by 2.5 a month or so later? Or not?

One day into my iPhone version purchase and I love the always-there access, but I immediately felt the pain of not having perspectives or a review mode. So now I need to consider throwing down $50 for the iPad version or wait and get the iPhone upgrade. Free? $10 more? $20 more? Presumably it will be an in-app upgrade and I’m willing to pay the extra, but if the total for the two is close in price to the iPad pro version I’ll probably just go for that to get the extra real-estate and use the iPhone as a daily capture and notification tool.


My guess is that it will come when it’s done and not a moment sooner. It is hard to gauge when any software will be released.

Personally, I use the iPhone for capturing and checking off tasks. Then I use the iPad version for almost everything else. Each devices finds its own role in your life.

Even if reviewing and custom perspectives comes to the iPhone 6 Plus version, I still like the extra screen real estate that the iPad version offers.

Yes it will be released when it is ready. However working in software development myself releases are planned several versions in advance with projected dates for dev, test, beta, and release. I was just hoping the staff would give an idea of the projected schedule for the version they have already repeatedly discussed here. I think the parity strategy was also discussed on the main site as well somewhere.

That said, I just figured out the forecast view can be configured to display tasks deferred to today, which dramatically improved how I work with OF. I might be able to wait on perspectives after all. Maybe. Jury is still out on reviews, we’ll see in a week.

Full parity on iPhone is definitely our strategy, and most of the OmniFocus team’s effort is currently focused on that goal. I expect the full-parity release to be a few more months out, and at this point it seems likely that we’ll ship another feature release on the iPhone before that full-parity release is completed. (Whichever feature release comes first will be called v2.5, so I currently expect the full-parity feature release to end up being called v2.6 instead of v2.5.)


then something called Reality hits us right in the face to remind us that milestones need to be flexed further into the future. As much as we would love to have something in a timely manner, there is a quote on my office wall that states:

[quote]The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy![/quote]

@kcase Thanks for the clarification, that really helps.

@wilsonng Totally understood, and I wasn’t complaining just trying to find out the ballpark for planning purposes. Where I work we don’t really have that kind of flexibility, too many downstream effects on other systems, so release planning tends to be fairly rigid at least in terms of features. Which is something we do frequently complain about actually, as it really constrains our ability to adapt and be flexible.

For the record, this software is outstanding, and my hat is off to the staff. It is head and shoulders above the crowd IMO.