Events appear on iphone calendar but not syncing in omnifocus

When I updated to OmniFocus 2.4 on iPhone 6, it no longer syncs with my iPhone calendar. All calendars are syncing properly from GMail account to my iPhone, but they are just not showing up in OmniFocus. I have allowed for OmniFocus to access my iPhone calendar. Am I missing a step in syncing the calendars?

While in Forecast, swipe down to access the View Options and make sure “Calendar Events” is checked. Once enabled, you’ll also be able to specify which calendars appear in Forecast in addition to the range of times that are displayed.

I hope this helps…

DOH! Silly me! Thanks :)

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I have the same issue all my calendar events are ticked, but they do not appear in omnifocus on my iPad or Mac mini when I do a sync. Further tests: when I create an event on the mac min it propergates to both iPhone and iPad. When I create an event on either of the iOS devices iPad or iPhone the event does not propagate to the mini mac or the other iOS device.