Events removed from the calendar persist in Forecast Perspective

Here is my calendar . Notice how blissfully empty July 10 is. That’s because I removed the instances of the recurring events from my calendar as those meetings were all cancelled.

Here’s my forecast view . Note that it’s NOT empty despite syncing, removing then re-adding the calendar, changing my security settings, syncing the calendar in the calendar app, etc.

Is this a known issue or something new?

Do you have other calendars set up that you’re not subscribing to in Calendar? I’ve noticed that OmniFocus only seems to pick up the Home calendar.

I have many calendars in my list and I’m definitely not subscribed to all of them since many are redundant like the various sources of US holidays.

I just tested this and it looks like the issue is limited to recurring events to which I’ve been invited. I created a recurring event of my own and when I deleted one or more instances of the recurring event then synced in my calendar I was able to see the correct number of events in the Forecast perspective. I tried this with iCloud calendar, Google calendar and Google Apps calendar and the results were consistent.

This seems like a bug in OmniFocus to me.

I suggest you request help/submit a bug report via email (Help > Contact Omni in the app itself)

I have had the same problem with the same conditions. Only events I have been invited to.

Found a fix through someone at support. It has to do with declined events. Find the “show declined events” button, enable it, and make sure the events are deleted.

Hope this helps

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Worked for me. Thanks.