Evernote-inspired Theme

I’ve created a theme inspired by Evernote color. Omnifocus has always been making my eyes bleed and needed something softer while easy on the focus.

  • Due task is highlighted so I have no excuse for missing them.
  • Soon due are blue
  • I’m not quite happy with the left sidebar but for now it does the job.

Link to a simplified/focus enabled Screenshot

Detailed/Full Screenshot

Direct Download - GitHub


That is really nice!


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very nice!

This looks beautiful! Nice job.

Really like this one so far. One thing I’d like to suggest. In forecast view, I’d love it if the date could be highlighted. Its been a longstanding complain of mine that the forecast looks like one long list and it would be great to break up the days somehow.

Got be honest I have been using this superb theme day after day, went away, migrated back to it! I think it really does create strong focus where its needed. At night I end to use my dark theme but the rest of the time this one fits the bill! I’m not a great lover of ‘white space’ on screens!

Great theme. I have one question. In the inbox, the round tick box is highlighted for new (?) items, then when I scroll through the list and changes perspective, they it’s not highlighted anymore. Can’t figure out the reason for that, but I suspect you have put some thought into it.

Thank you for sharing your theme!!! I commented on your Reddit post as well, but since it is over a week old, I thought I’d try over here too…

I was hoping you could help me fix an issue with your theme when “reduce transparency” is turned on from OS X accessibility preferences.

The “Iris” styled sidebar shows both dark and light colored perspective icons with transparency off. The default OmniFocus perspective icons appear dark while the custom icons appear much lighter as seen here: http://i.imgur.com/emsebuM.png

I was hoping you could help me set the style up to make all perspective icons a little more uniform like you see here with the default “OmniFocus Dark” style: http://i.imgur.com/FOdvhd6.png

Either all dark or all light would be perfectly fine if you have the time to help me set it up either way!
Thank you in advance!

I might have to modify what I said yesterday a little. As someone with ADD your theme is so very beneficial. Having the sidebar grayed out is especially helpful when I have too much to do. It reduces the distraction created by the sidebar and keeps me focused on the tasks at hand. You have probably done more for the ADD/ADHD community than you realize. I would even consider renaming it to something like Theme if You Are ADD or ADHD. You have a gift for creating tasteful themes. Having said everything I just said, having a sidebar that is a little lighter with a little more contrast would be nice for weekly reviews and people with less than perfect vision. I realize that you are doing all of the work and don’t know how hard it would be to modify the sidebar slightly. If you did nothing more I am so grateful for what you have done. Thank you again.



Thank you for this theme. I work 60 - 70 hours a week and found out at age 60 that I am probably ADD. I have installed this theme and feel that it should be very beneficial for people like me. I like the red color for overdue tasks. The only minor adjustment I would make is to the sidebar for people like myself whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be. I don’t know if it would be hard to change just the sidebar back to the default OmniFocus Light. If you could I feel that there would be others who would appreciate this as well. Then you would have two themes. Iris and whatever you would call the modified version.

Thank you!! Being adhd myself I totally relate to what you are saying :)
Missing time right now, but will definitely look back at the contrast ratio.

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Are you talking about something like this?

If so, here’s a version just for you cause putting those colors in the headers follows everywhere in the interface and to me, it steals the attention from the task.

Awesome thanks! I agree with your point too though. Would be ideal if just the forecast headers could be affected.

Sorry, I’m not quite sure I understand the round thick box here’s my inbox icon.

would be really helpfull with some screenshot. You can also add an issue on github to keep those forum clean.

Started using this theme today, but ran in to one small issue.
In the quick entry window, the label text is nearly impossible to read.
Tried to find settings for this using the OmniFocusColors app, but there didn’t seem to be any Quick Entry specific settings.

This is also a problem with a style I frequently use, Iris-HardHeader.