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So I know on IOS if I make a note link in OF for Evernote, it will go to safari first, sign in, then open the note, then ask me if I wish to open the Evernote app. Not so flowing.

Now I have a mac, I ‘control click’ a note, click '‘copy note link’ and also on the mac it opens safari before asking to go to the EN app. This would be awesome if it went straight to the Evernote app from OF without all the diversions into safari first, asking me to log in, asking for my two step google authenticator password and then opening the actual Evernote app.

I know this is an Evernote Q mainly, but I have read users in OF being able to setup direct note links without the ‘safari diversions’

Any successful experience welcomed here. Thanks :-)

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Just a thought, can you not drag the EN note into the OF notes field? It works with apps and NvALT notes…

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If you option-click the note, you are able to “copy classic note link,” which is a link to the note in the app rather than on the web. As a bonus, I believe IIRC that same classic note link, once created on macOS, works in iOS.


nah just tried it though, would be good if you could

Yeah and also i found out on the EN app, you can actually create this same kind of note link, directly on an iPhone, in IOS.

see my other post here :-) https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/98715-evernote-note-links-without-the-safari-diversions/

Thanks for your help guys

Of course EN does not allow access offline now without a paid account, not sure if that has anything to do with anything?