Exchange to Omnifocus inbox?

I just bought Omnifocus for Mac. I think I may have made a big mistake.
Work uses exchange for everything, including the calendar.
Included in this is my calendar, which you can see is pretty busy, but is only going to get worse.
I’d like all those items to go into my inbox within Omnifocus, but I don’t think that’s an option, is it?

I just bought it for Mac and iOS today, standard non-pro versions.


Sorry for the confusion here. I’m afraid OmniFocus doesn’t offer integration with Microsoft Exchange, nor is there a way to import calendar events as tasks as you describe. That said, the Forecast perspective in OmniFocus (Mac and iOS) offers a view that shows your upcoming due tasks alongside the calendar events you’ve scheduled for the day. OmniFocus isn’t meant to act as a calendar replacement, but rather a tool to complement your calendar. We offer some suggestions for using OmniFocus together with a calendar in this support article.

If this doesn’t line up with what you’re expecting, and if you don’t think OmniFocus is going to work out well for your use, you can learn more about 30-day return guarantee here.


For me, meetings never go into OmniFocus. That’s so-called hard landscape stuff, not actionable tasks.