Exclude recurring tasks when sort by DateAdded

This is something that is small but annoys me.
I sometimes want to go through all my old tasks to see if they are still relevant.
So I sort it by Date Added.

When you see a whole group of tasks that have been there for over a year its quite easy to be sensible and just delete 'em!

(As an aside, sorting by dateAdded gives you the most recent first, whereas sorting by Defer or Due dates gives the oldest first. Why inconsistent? But I digress.)

Only problem is that for any recurring items, the DateAdded = the date of the very first instance, not the current one.

To get around this I’ve added a tag called RECUR to any recurring items, and so I can exclude them, but this seems like a kludge.

Does any one have a more elegant way to build a perspective (I have Pro version) that excludes recurring tasks?


@kazza, FWIW I too use a ‘RECURRING’ tag to identify such tasks.

I’m not so sure it’s really a kludge. It does the job and is consistent with the data structure employed by OF.

It would be great to have a filter criteria that would make it possible to include/exclude repeating items in custom perspectives.

In the meantime, short of writing a script using AppleScript or (possibly) OmniJS, I think that filtering based on a tag (e.g. “Recur” or “🔁”) or some text in the name of the action that identifies it as repeating are the best options.

I just submitted a request to The Omni Group asking for a filter criteria for repeating tasks. I encourage everyone else who would like this functionality do the same.


Good idea Tim. Done.

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