Excluding Items from Archiving?

I am charting my progress going through a reading list in Omnifocus. I have one reading per item and I use the notes field to link to reading and any reading notes in Devonthink, I also occasionally make actual notes in the notes field as well. Here’s a screen grab:

I’m realizing I want to reference these notes for a while, not forever, but the ones that are technically “done” I’m not quite done with. Is there a way to make sure these items (or the entire project, which would work equally well for me), aren’t archived? If not, any clever workarounds folks have employed?


The archive option is fixed. It allows no options to avoid archiving complete items.

Mark those actions that you are wanting to hold with a tag that is on hold. Design the perspective to show or not show the on hold actions.


Excellent, @DrJJWMac – to confirm, this on hold strategy will avoid archiving the items even if they are checked done?

This is unlikely to be the case. I have not tested it (I avoid the automatic archive option). From what I understand of it, the automatic archive captures everything that is completed before its archive date.

I meant to tag the task in with a tag that has a dropped status INSTEAD OF marking it as complete.


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