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Is anyone else experiencing inconsistent behavior with the Expand All and Collapse All options in the view menu? For example, I click on the projects tab and see my list of projects. Some of the projects do not have any available tasks while other projects show several tasks below the project name. When I go to the view menu and hit Collapse All, there is no change in the task window. I then hit Expand All, and once again no change in the task window. Am I missing something here?


This might not solve your problem, so forgive me if you already know this, but Expand All and Collapse All will affect only the pane selected. In other words, if you select the list of Projects in the Sidebar, it will expand and collapse them and leave the projects and actions in the main window alone.

Or, if you select the main window, it will expand and collapse there, and not in the sidebar.

Thanks Rogbar for your reply. I did see that but the issue I think I’m seeing is when I click a project in the task pane and then select Collapse or Expand in the view menu, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I have not been able to reliably reproduce the behavior.

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