Expanded/collapsed actions remaining in custom perspectives

I have a few template projects in Omnifocus that I paste over as soon as a new client signs up. It’s a total of about 250 actions per client broken up into many small subprojects that are mostly chronological, but sometimes done in different orders. I collapse the ones I don’t need yet, and they stay that way everywhere but my custom perspectives. if i collapse them all in planning, navigate away from planning, and then back, they’re all instantly expanded again. (In the default “projects” perspective, they stay collapsed) Anyone have any idea why this would be and how to prevent it? We’re talking about literally thousands of actions I have to constantly close and reopen every time

it looks like this is an old issue that was maybe never resolved in a prior thread: Will Perspectives include saving expand/collapse states?

in OF3 it worked for me by opening the custom perspective, expanding/collapsing the appropriate actions, add a rule to the perspective, save it, delete the rule again, save again.

I would love to see this get attention and resolution.