Export formats - Omnifocus Document vs Backup Document

The available Export formats include “OmniFocus Document” (.ofocus) and “Backup Document (OmniFocus)” (.ofocus-backup).

What is the difference between the two?

(The local and online help files I found only mention the first one.)

They are essentially the same format, but the OmniFocus app treats them differently based on the extension when opening them. For Backups, you get the button in the top right that allows you to “Revert to this Backup”.


Thanks for the clarifications!

This is still not documented and should be for clarity:

I’ve added a note to our development database about updating the docs. Sorry for the delay!

Hello, I was just wondering the same thing and stumbled upon this 3d.
What I’m interested in, what is the practical difference using one or another? Which is more convenient? There must be, if you kept both of them right?

As a previous answer suggests, it depends on how you want to handle restoring.

If you create a Backup, you can simply Restore from it if you need to. I use this type for security

If you export as an Omnifocus Document, you simply open it. I use this type when I want to experiment with a different structure or other ideas in OF, but want to know that I can revert if I don’t like or screw up my wonderful new design