Export Graffle for converting to WMF to import in Google Draw?

Has anyone figured out how best to export an OmniGraffle drawing to import into Google Doc/Drive as a Google Drawing for others to edit? Everything I’ve read says I need to import a WMF format file for it to work in Google for others. That isn’t an export option in OmniGraffle Pro 6.0.5, so I thought SVG might work. That makes it importable to Google as a visible but not editable document.


I used Inkscape to convert the SVG exported from OmniGraffle into WMF which I successfully imported as an editable drawing. I have only tested this for a simple drawing so I don’t know how well it will work for complicated drawings.

I have just tried this with https://cloudconvert.com/svg-to-wmf which did a very good job on a modest but non-trivial drawing.