Export of HTML Image Map shifts in version 7.2.2

On a regular base I used to export an image map (of a diagram) from version 6 of OmniGraffle Pro for Mac. With version 7 the following happens. First the HTML Image Map is exported with the same parameters as in version 6. After that, when I open it with a browser, the clickable areas are shifted to the right – far more than twenty pixels – in relation to the underlying picture. I suppose that this is a bug, or do I overlook something? Do other people have similar problems? I will also report this to OmniGraffle Support.


I have the same issue. I reported it to Customer support and they confirmed it was a bug…
That was end January 2017… so I hope it will get fixed sooner or later.


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Filed the bug with OmniGraffle Support 16 Feb 2017. They replied: β€œWe have a bug filed about this” and β€œIn the meantime, you should still be able to export your file as you previously did using version 6 of OmniGraffle. If you no longer have that installed, you can download OmniGraffle 6 here: https://www.omnigroup.com/download/”.