Export Omnigraffle file to EPS 300 dpi

Is there an option to export an Omnigraffle file as a 300 dpi eps file? The File -> Export function only exports the file at 72 dpi. Is this limitation related to the resolution of the images I used in the Omnigraffle file? Thank you.

This is odd. I find no DPI settings in the EPS or PDF export dialogs, and rightly so as these are vector file formats. Strangely enough, the files that are exported (EPS or PDF) look terrible. Certainly not the infinite resolution vector files I would expect to see.
PDF on the left, 300 DPI PNG on the right. Note that the graphics generated by OG are lower resolution than the imported brain image in the PDF file.
A 48"x40" poster I created recently didn’t have this problem when exported to PDF.

I can’t answer your question but EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) is essentially vector. But I note you have images so those won’t upscale.

There is a form of EPS with an embedded graphics rendering. I’m not sure if this is what Omnigraffle creates. But it just might be that which is being referred to.

Or maybe it’s the metrics.

I had to use a workaround and use another graphics program as an interim step for a similar export problem.

  1. export as a 300 dpi .png
  2. read in with another graphics program that can export .eps

I had a similar problem with .svg exports (actually loss some for the graphics too). The above method worked with Pixelmator Pro by importing a 600 dpi .png from Omnigraffle and then exporting it to a very high resolution .svg.