Export Omnigraffle stencils or stencil objects and Import into Illustrator

Hello everyone,

I have made a few stencils in Omnigraffle. Some of the objects in the stencils are quite complex.

I want to use the same objects in my Illustrator files but am unsure of the best and most accurate way to do this.

I have tried exporting my objects from Omnigraffle using pdf, eps, svg etc… and after importing them into Illustrator they look fine but Illustrator makes a lot of unnecessary hidden objects and it is not easy to then edit the objects in Illustrator.

My ultimate goal is to be able to create Omnigraffle stencil objects, import them into Illustrator and then use/edit them with minimal effort as though I had created them in Illustrator in the first place.

If it is not a perfect port across to Illustrator then I will simply re-create all the objects again in Illustrator. Obviously I want to not have to do that if there is an easier way.

Thank you in advance and for reading all this.


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