Export Perspective without associated Notes

I would like to export a perspective into a CSV file and not have the notes as part of the export since the notes may have comma’s and that make the import process into excel problematic. I then have to delete the offending rows from the import.

Is there a way to do this? I don’t see anything in the View builder.



Bump any thoughts? Thanks.

I’d export to CSV and then manually delete the notes column. It’s the easiest workaround I’ve found.

I tried using Task Paper & editing the text, but it takes more time than deleting the column. If you find a better option, it would be great to hear an update.

This sounds like it should be a feature. I should be able to select the common fields that I want. Don’t you think?

I cannot think of the last time I wanted to export just some information from a software, normally when I want to export something, I export everything and I deal with this later in another software, so I don’t think choosing what to export would make much sense.

In this specific case, it sounds to me like this could be resolved if OF exported to CSV by properly quoting the fields. This way, even note fields with commas inside it would import correctly inside Excel.

I think providing choice on the export is a more friendly choice. I expect to export what I see in a perspective not things that I don’t see or I am not interested in. The notes provide context to the task. The task is still the primary object of interest.

To your point, the notes section could export in a friendly manner.

fieldA, fieldB, “Notes with comma’s,”, fieldC

However, this becomes problematic when there are multiple double ticks in the notes.

fieldA, fieldB, "Notes with comma’s and quoted text,"She said, “Yes, “We should get that task completed”,”, fieldC

It is better to say, I don’t want the notes section.

It might be a more friendly choice for you, but it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t address the root cause of the issue. The problem here is that OF does not export CSV files using quotes correctly, and doing so would take care of your original issue.

If you still want to make a feature request, you are free to email the team and cast your vote for it (it needs to be via email, not on the forum), noone is stopping you from doing that :)

However, I still see this as an exporting issue which is separate from your feature request. And the nested quotes are not a problem either, the quotes inside a field just need to be properly escaped by the exported, so this is something more for the developers.