Export selected row(s) - not entire document

Is there any way to export one, or more rows, in OmniOutliner, instead of the entire document? How about in OO for iOs?

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What format and/or how are you exporting? If you Focus on the content you want, exporting to most (maybe all?) non-native formats will result in just the focused view. This is not possible to do in OmniOutliner 5 Essentials but is in v4 and v5 Pro. iOS does not have the ability to Focus yet so there isn’t a way to do this.


I did not try focusing first. Just tried it now, using the OPML format, and it worked.

Is that in any of the manuals?


No, I don’t believe it is. I’ll see about getting this documented somewhere. Thanks.

I tried the solution described above. It does not work. Not for any format. The entire document is always exported. Is it possible to add a function that allows only a selection to be exported?

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What version of OmniOutliner are you using and what format are you wanting to export to?

I just tried exporting in OO Pro 5.0.4 (v181.16 r287398) using “OmniOutliner Document” option, and the entire document was exported. Then tried in OPML format and it worked. Will focusing to export sections only work with certain export formats?

The current state of things, native format types, so any OmniOutliner formats, will always export the whole document since that supports the focusing state. Other formats will only export the focused view. OPML is a bit of a gray area in that OmniOutliner is an OPML editor, but it is very limited in features.