"export specific region" in OmniGraffle 7

I’ve upgraded to Omnigraffle Pro 7.0.3, but was forced to make downgrade to 6.6.1, because Omnigraffle 7 does not have the export function “Specific region”.

All my graphics elements can not be exported by the Omnigraffle 7 methods - I need precise position + size exporting.

Do you know, is there a workaround?

Have you tried using artboards?

Yes Tudor, you are absolutely right. I was not aware of the new artboards functionality and was simply looking just into well know functions.

I’ve contacted the OmniGroup support as well and received the same answer - artboards are the way to do it:

An overview of new Artboards feature can be found here and this new export feature in action in a Live Session: Artboards in OmniGraffle 7: here