Export to Google Docs


I’ve spent a few hours looking for a way to export a single page diagram from OmniGraffle to Google Docs such that the text labels are sharp. I’ve tried exporting from OG to various formats, and converting to various other formats, using various clipboards to cut and paste into a google doc. I have tried starting from PDF, PNG, SVG, converting to EMF, EPS, WMF, using cloudconvert, lucidchart…

The bottom line is that Google docs on preview shows the image as it should be. When displaying the integrated diagram in a Google Docs file, the text is fuzzy and close to unreadable, certainly unacceptable.

When I copy a diagram from OmniGraffle 7 and paste it into Microsoft Word 2008, the text isn’t perfect but it is better than what Google Docs is showing.

For me, the diagram need not be editable in Google Docs.

For now my solution is to build diagrams in Omnigraffle 7.2.1, copy diagrams to a Word document also containing text, and then sending that document up to Google Docs.