Export to Keynote… I mean, PowerPoint

Guys, just change the export format to .pptx — the new Keynote can import .pptx

This is not an insurmountable problem

Yeah, but it lost a lost of functionalities, didn’t it. It used to include pasted images. And the leveling was better, as far as I remember, not only level 1=one slide. I badly miss it. I even searched for a OmniOutliner 3 download.

The current pptx exporter matches and exceeds the old Keynote export we had. It did only allow level 1 rows to create new slides. It did not support any sort of attachments. There are perhaps different app limitations between Keynote and PowerPoint that you’re running into, such as whatever the leveling issues you are referring to though. But, that doesn’t mean it’s bug free or couldn’t be improved so please send detailed bug reports or requests to omnioutliner@omnigroup.com. Thanks!

Alright, thanks. Will look into this.