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Hi all,

sorry for reopening on this matter - I believe this feature is a all time favorite of all OO users. I downloaded a copy of the script from http://iworkautomation.com/keynote/examples-doc-from-outline.html, but all I get is an empty Keynote presentation.

I am using a German version of Keynote, might this be the problem? Has anyone found a workaround on this?


Unfortunately, that script will only work if your system language is set to English.

Exporting from OmniOutliner Pro to Keynote with AppleScript

While it’s certainly not a workflow you’d want to do every day, perhaps it’s worth rebooting in English on the (hopefully) rare occasions you’d like to export? My apologies for the difficulty!

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Thanks for your answer! I looked at the script and can’t find the reason why it doesn’t work if the system language is not English - while it is obvious that it doesn’t…

Can you point me to the elements of the script that make it not work on a German Mac? I would like to try to fix that if I can (I’m not good on AppleScript though)


Are you seeing an error, or is it just silently failing?

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The script runs without error messages. I chose the theme, the width, and keynote starts with the chosen theme - but the presentation is empty…
Thanks for helping, I really appreciate this. If this export would be working this would be an absolute killer feature for me…!

I use Norwegian as system language and have the same problems as Jelden.

A solution or a suggestion to how this could be solve would be much appreciated, other than change the system language each time i need to export for Omnioutliner to Keynote.

My apologies for the delay; one of our engineers is looking at the script, and I hope to know more soon!


This is great news!! Thanks a lot, I’m really looking forward to the results, as I haven’t been able to progress on this issue…

It appears that the error is occurring with specific calls to Keynote:

set the masterSlideName to “Title - Center”
set the masterSlideName to “Title & Subtitle”
set the masterSlideName to “Title & Bullets”

If you localize those names, then it should work in other languages!

For German:

set the masterSlideName to “Titel - Mitte”
set the masterSlideName to “Titel & Untertitel”
set the masterSlideName to “Titel & Aufzählung”

For Norwegian:

set the masterSlideName to “Tittel – sentrert”
set the masterSlideName to “Tittel og undertittel”
set the masterSlideName to “Tittel og punkttegn”

And for Japanese (just for good measure):

set the masterSlideName to “タイトル(中央)”
set the masterSlideName to “タイトル & サブタイトル”
set the masterSlideName to “タイトル & 箇条書き”

Since it’s not our AppleScript, I’ll contact the original author, and ask for permission to post modified versions of the script. The good news is that updating your own script is quick and easy!

And if anybody else wants to list their translations, that would be brilliant!


Tried it - absolutely fantastic!! It works!
Now this should really be a major contribution to accelerating the creation of presentations!

Thanks so much!

Very happy we could help!

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Thank you!!!

We won’t be posting any localized versions, as iWork Automation has updated AppleScript and Keynote: New Presentation from Outline with the appropriate localization instructions, as well as a quick AppleScript to find the necessary master slide names.

Enjoy exporting, and thank you (again) for your patience!

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There is now a PowerPoint exporter in the 4.3 test builds if you’d like to give that a try.


Now that the latest update to Keynote opens v5 files and the export script is no longer required, would it be possible to bring back the export to keynote feature?

The Keynote exporter we had used the v1 format. This is still not supported by Keynote 6.x. The Powerpoint export should be offering the same results when imported to Keynote and even has a couple improvements. Is it missing something we’ve overlooked?