Export to PDF adds author information, where to edit?

When I export to PDF the resulting PDF has somehow added my full name as author? Where do I change that to something else? Can’t find any settings for it. The toolpalette for document information has authors but this doesn’t seem to be used by the PDF creating thing. Where do I change this so something else or nothing?

My version: Omnigraffle Pro 5.4.4

This is the info-palett in the resulting PDF-file. With my username instead of the authors information.

“Skapare:” is Swedish for Creator or Author. My name is: “Ola Andersson”

I believe this is a known bug in OmniGraffle.

In the meantime, you can use an Automator action to strip out the author information. This answer from StackExchange has a nice summary.

Thanks, I will try that instead. :)