Export to PDF - link problems

Hi Forum,

I’m a newbie in OmniGraffle (macOS sierra), trying learn and understand some features. So, apologies for basic questions…

For now I found this problem:
(step by step)

1. Text with links
I’m a Devonthink user and I have many rtf files with links added to words or phrases (using the same feature found on mac TextEdit: select text>Edit>Add Link).
Note: the text with a link, as usual, is blue and underline.

2. Inserting text with links on OmniGraffle
I paste the text to OG and all is perfect: the original text style remains and the text with a link is blue and underline (if I select the text with a link I can ‘right click’ and found the usual contextual menu with the options “Open Link”, “Copy Link”, “Edit Link”, “Remove Link”)

3. Exporting to PDF file I
With the text insert I decide to export my OG file to PDF - Note: I can continue working on the file before export - adding objects, text, etc. - but don’t applying any “action” to the objects (Properties>Action: “Open a URL”, “Open a File”, etc). This is an important remark.
The resulted PDF file presents some problems: a) the text with a link no more blue and underline, presenting no more a distinct appearance from the rest of the text; b) if the file is opened on Acrobat no signal of any lynk; c) if the site is opened on Devonthink, Preview, Skim, etc., the text with a link no more blue and underline but with a click the link is activated. (not everything is lost…)

4. Exporting to PDF file II
With the same OG document I do some extra steps: I create another text or objects and use the feature Inspector>Properties>Action and add some actions to these obects: “Open a URL”; “Open a file”…
Then I export the document to a PDF file.
And now the problems are: a) the same problem with the text with a link (no more blue and underline); b) on Acrobat the same problems as described on step 3. (but the new “actions” works); c) on the others apps the same problem with the text (no more blue and underline) but now all the links are gone and only the new “actions” works!


  1. a problem with linked text?
  2. incompatibility between links (on text) and “actions” on the same document?