Exporting an outline as an outline

For the life of me I just can’t figure out OmniOutliner. I get how to create a file and create and modify an outline - my problem is exporting anything out of it that doesn’t lose all the value of the outline. If I export as MSWord (outline) format and open it in Word all I get is a flattened list - no headings and subheadings. If I choose MS Word (indented) format, I get indentation but cannot convert it to a traditional numbered outline without having to check every line for proper classification (I. , 1., a., etc…) which takes a while and means rechecking my original OO file to ensure that things are not misgrouped.

Can someone give me some clue what I am doing wrong here?

The (outline) export includes some markup that is intended to be compatible with Word’s outline view, but I believe you need to manually activate that view to see the results.

(My SOP is to double-check with a test export before posting, but I don’t have Word on this Mac. If things still look flattened when that view is active, send a support mail and we’ll be happy to investigate.)

This really sucks. For years. I almost quit using OO just because i would spend so much time converting exported outline into a plain bullet list or at least a text with usable formatting.

Seems to work here (OO 5.4.2 (v194.9 r325297), and MS Word 16.26), but you do need to choose View > Outline in MS Word.

Works best with minimal styling in OO, and the use of Outline Heading 1-9 styles in MSW.

A limitation is, of course, that the MS Word Heading style nest is 9 levels deep, whereas OO uses nesting of arbitrary depth – potentially > 9