Exporting Completed Items to my work journal

I keep a work journal (for my employer) in a Google Doc in my employer’s Google Workspace, but am increasingly trying to manage all my work tasks and projects via OmniFocus - using a single three letter code appended to each related task, tags, projects, etc so that I can easily locate them in OF.

What I’m endeavoring to do is take completed OF tasks, and either copy/paster or export them so that I can add them to my daily work journal in the Google Doc. Looking for suggestions on most efficient way to proceed.


I am using an iOS Shortcut you can download here

The output is in Drafts 5 and my DayOne journaling app.The following information;

Weather this day


Completed today

Today next actions - not finished

Due today - not finished

Flagged - not finished


Meetings and events time restricted

Other all day events today

This is working with the way I have setup OmniFocus. I have a post covering this, here

Drafts 5 can export to Google docs, here more information.

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