Exporting Completed Tasks to Microsoft Project

When I export any omniplan document to Microsoft Project, tasks marked as 100% complete in OmniPlan appears as 99% complete in Microsoft Project. This is a problem because I need to import the Microsoft Project file into ServiceNow. The 99% will result in completed tasks being reopened in ServiceNow after I import.

My workaround is to first open the exported file in Microsoft Project using my Windows PC, quickly mark all of those 99% tasks as 100%, and THEN import into ServiceNow.

If I can get OmniPlan to export those tasks as 100% complete I wouldn’t have to touch the Windows PC. As you can imagine I’m very motivated to bypass Windows! Any advice would be appreciated!

Dear Masoric,

Exporting to Microsoft Project mpp files has always been a bit of problem. I experienced this with many other project planning apps as well. Completed tasks turn out to be 0 duration in MS Project and a partially completed task turns into 100% complete.

Work around: in my case I got better results exporting OmniPlan files to XML files. Opening these in Microsoft Project gave no problems (so far). As this is some sort of a “standard” file format you may expect ServiceNow (never heard of it) to be able to read these files.



Thanks Theo! This did give me an idea which doesn’t solve the problem but DOES streamline the process for me. This is annoying but it’s a small price to pay for the privilege of doing my job with my Mac!