Exporting exact pixel size PNG

My OmniGraffle file contains an image of an exact size (3075x2250 pixels) with no stroke. When I try to export it as a PNG at 300 dpi, I get 3154x2308. I need the output to have the exact pixel size specified, but no amount of tweaking the resolution (which must be an integer) allows me to do this.

Is this a bug? (If so, judging by old forum posts, it has been around for nigh on a decade.)

Is there a workaround?

Workaround from support:

   1. Export from OmniGraffle at 300 dpi as you have been.
    2. Open the exported PNG file in Preview.app.
    3. Choose Tools > Adjust Size.
    4. Make sure the width/height is showing in pixels.
    5. Change the width from 3074 to 3075.
    6. The height should be locked to be proportionally and automatically change to 2250.
    7. Click OK, and save.
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