Exporting from Evernote to OmniOutliner4


I am making the move out of Evernote. Is there a straightforward way to move all of my notes (about 2 years worth) out of Evernote and into OmniOutliner4?


I presume it’s still the case that Evernote keeps you pretty locked in by not offering great export options. Your best bet is to get an OPML file of your notes. Looking around, there’s a converter available on GitHub but will require some technical work on your part. If you’re comfortable with that, it could be your solution.

Otherwise, with a cursory search I found this application, NoteCase Pro, which looks unplesant to use, but can import the Evernote export format (.enex; according to this page and the features page) and can export again in OPML. You can buy a license for the exact version release (e.g. 3.8.2) for 7 euro, import your Evernote notes, export them to OPML and put them into OmniOutliner.

Unfortunately I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t guarantee success, but with luck you won’t have to move all your notes manually.

Thank you for the feedback, appreciate it. I’ll give that first option a try! :)

Have you found a solution to this? I’d also be very interested in exporting Evernote to OO4